Child Psychologist in Clarkston MI

Heron Ridge Associates offers counseling services for families. This includes child counseling, teen counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling, and much more.

If you’re looking for a child psychologist in Clarkston MI, we will gladly match you with one of our providers. Our office is located at:

Heron Ridge Associates
3694 Clarkston Rd # D
Village of Clarkston, MI 48348

Child Psychologist in Clarkston MI
Each family is matched with the best counselor for their needs. Whether you end up with a family counselor or a child psychologist in Clarkston MI, you will receive comprehensive mental healthcare that is tailored for you. Contact us at (248) 693-8880 to get started.

Resolve Family Conflicts and Find Solutions That Work for Your Child

One of the main reasons why parents seek counseling for their child is because of behavioral issues. These issues lead to conflicts within the family. The parents feel helpless, worried about their children and their own mental health. A child psychologist in Clarkston MI can help you identify the source of these struggles and find specific solutions for your child.

  • Find the Root Cause of Family Struggles
  • Figure out Why Your Child Is Defiant, Depressed, Anxious, or Upset
  • Teach Your Child How to Express Emotions in an Effective Way
  • Discover New Ways to Bond and Communicate as a Family
  • Learn Coping Techniques and Lifestyle Adjustments Suited to Your Child’s Needs
  • Get Confidential Counseling after Divorce, Trauma, Death in the Family, and Other Events
  • Take Advantage of Tested and Proven Child Counseling Strategies

If you’d like to learn more about how child counseling works, give us a call at (248) 693-8880. Our knowledgeable staff members will answer your questions and match you with a licensed child psychologist in Clarkston.

Affordable Child Counseling That Fits Many Insurance Plans

Heron Ridge Associates accepts insurance plans from Total Healthcare, United Healthcare, Omnicare, Blue Care Network, Aetna, Cofinity, DMC Care, AARP, Tricare, Behavioral Health Systems, MESSA, MEBS, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan (HAP), and other providers. We are happy to verify insurance before your first appointment. Most families only pay a small co-pay for each appointment with a child psychologist.

Heron Ridge Associates:

Ann Arbor: (734) 822-4810
Clarkston: (248) 693-8880
Ann Arbor: (734) 913-1093
Plymouth: (734) 454-1094
Bingham Farms: (248) 594-4991

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