The Dangers of Sharing Child Photos Online

Most parents want to share their child’s milestones online. While there is nothing wrong with relishing in special moments, you must be aware of the dangers surrounding child photo sharing. A recent study showed that 71% of parents believe their child’s photos could end up in the wrong hands, yet 30% of parents post photos or videos of their children at least once a day. In this guide, we will explore the dangers of sharing child photos online and how to approach this process safely.

Your Child’s Photos May Be Used for Inappropriate Activities

Unfortunately, pedophilia is a real occurrence in today’s society. In fact, the study mentioned above revealed that pedophilia is the top concern for parents sharing their photos online. You would never want your child to be viewed that way, but there are people out there who could interpret your shared photos inappropriately. That’s why you must be careful what you put on the internet.

A Predator May Find Your Child Based on Clues in the Photo

A seemingly innocent photo of your child going to school may provide enough information for a predator to track down your child. For instance, the color of the school uniform may indicate which school your child goes to, or the bus in the background may show what neighborhood you live in. These are clues you may not think to look for, but someone else could.

Photos Can Lead to Bullying

You may share a funny, embarrassing photo of your child because you want others to laugh about it. Depending on the child’s age though, that embarrassment could lead to bullying. For instance, if another parent from your child’s school shows the photo to a peer, that peer could make fun of your child the following day. This will not be as much of a concern for toddlers and infants, but it could be for school-aged children.

Your Child May Not Want Their Photos Online

If your child is old enough to ask you not to post pictures online, consider that before you upload. Many parents believe this decision is ultimately theirs to make, but children can develop depression and anxiety from having their photos shared without consent. This is especially true for children 10 and up who interact with social media. Your child may not be comfortable with other people seeing those pictures.

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