What to Expect from Your First Therapy Appointment

Any new experience can feel intimidating, including therapy. If you are worried about your first counseling session, this information may ease your concerns. Here’s a look at what to expect from your first therapy appointment.

Before the Appointment – Paperwork

You will most likely to be asked to come in 15 minutes before your first therapy appointment. This gives you time to fill out paperwork for the office. You will be able to review the counseling center’s privacy policy and other documents pertaining to your service. The paperwork will ask for insurance information, some health and family history, emergency contact information, etc. You only have to complete this once, and your information is protected.

Meeting Your Therapist

When you scheduled your appointment, you may have been asked a few questions about your goals and circumstances. This was so you could be paired with the best therapist for your needs. During the first therapy appointment, you will meet your counselor and establish a relationship with him or her.

Talking about Your Concerns and Goals

Your first therapy appointment is mostly a get-to-know-you opportunity. Your therapist may ask questions to prompt the discussion, or you may start talking on your own. You will discuss the experiences or events that led you to therapy, along with elements of your life you want to change or improve. This overview provides a backstory that your therapist can use to personalize your treatment.

When Does Treatment Start?

The first therapy appointment creates a foundation for your treatment. As you progress through therapy, your therapist can recommend ways to improve your life. It may take several sessions to uncover the root cause of your struggles, or it may take time to find the right treatment options for you. Nevertheless, your therapist will be there to support you through the journey and guide you to an ideal solution.

After Your First Therapy Appointment – Homework

Your therapist may assign you a bit of “homework” to do before your next therapy session. This could be writing out a list of questions, starting a daily journal, thinking of an important event that shaped your life, or any number of tasks. This homework will help your therapist gain more insight into your life so he or she can customize your treatment plan.

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