How to Reduce Stress before Your First Therapy Appointment: Part 2

In Part 1 of this guide, we explained what to expect during your first therapy appointment. If you have a clear understanding of what to expect, you are less likely to feel stressed about the process. Beyond that though, there are some stress relief techniques that you can use to stay calm before seeing a therapist. Check out these tips, courtesy of Heron Ridge Associates.

It’s Just Another Task on Your Schedule

Try not to focus too hard on your upcoming therapy appointment. Yes, it is important, but it is not something you should dwell on. You will find that talking with your therapist is a natural process, much like talking to an old friend you have not seen in a while. You may not know much about each other, but you feel comfortable and safe within the conversation. Think of this as something on your calendar and nothing more.

Talk about Cost ahead of Time

If you’re worried about your copay or the cost of your therapy appointment, talk to the office about that ahead of time. Here at Heron Ridge Associates, we verify insurance before your first appointment to provide transparent pricing from the start. You will know exactly what your out of pocket costs are, if any, and you can feel fully prepared before visiting the office.

Complete the Paperwork ahead of Time

Worried you won’t have enough time to fill out the office paperwork? Ask if you can get an emailed copy, or come in on a day before your appointment. This is one less thing to think about on the day you see your therapist.

You can also visit the therapist office for a tour ahead of time. You can see what the facility is like so it feels familiar during your appointment.

Tell Someone You Trust about the Therapy

Sometimes it helps to talk about therapy before your first visit. You don’t have to tell everyone – just one person you can trust to support you. This may be your spouse, a parent, a close friend, or anyone else you can speak to in confidence. Tell them about your nerves, and they will reassure you of the positive elements of therapy. This is similar to people who have workout buddies for losing weight. It’s someone you can look to for accountability, comfort and support.

Remember, the Nerves Are Normal

Most people feel somewhat nervous before their first therapy appointment. This is a new experience, so it’s natural to be apprehensive about it. There are thousands of people in your town alone who are going through therapy or have seen a therapist in the past. They got through the first day nerves, and you can too.

If you have any questions about therapy, contact Heron Ridge Associates at (734) 454-3560. We will gladly explain anything you’d like to know, and we can match you up with a trusted therapist near you.

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