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Teenagers face an array of unique obstacles as they transition from childhood to adulthood. They have to deal with pressure at school, influences from the media, and even their own hormones sending them in different directions. The process can be overwhelming at times, and some teens need a little help to get through the experience. That’s where teen counseling comes in.

Let’s take a closer look at how teen counseling works and how you can find a teen counselor near you.

Personalized Counseling for Each Teen’s Individual Needs

Every teenager is different. One emotional outburst may be from hormones, but others may come from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship issues and more. In a successful teen counseling program, the advice and suggestions are tailored to that teenager specifically. Here at Heron Ridge Associates in Michigan, we believe in the power of personalized teen counseling. Along the way, a teenager will…

  • Find the root cause of personal issues
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety, depression and other feelings
  • Learn how to process thoughts and emotions – Why do I feel this way, and how can I feel better?
  • Build self-esteem and improve self-image
  • Overcome addictions, eating disorders, self-harm and the like by finding alternative ways to deal with emotions
  • Find ways to communicate with friends and family members without feeling judged or isolated
  • Improve productivity and academic performance
  • Create measurable and achievable goals for the future

As we mentioned, every teen counseling experience is a little different. The counselor will work with the teen to figure out what the core issues are and how to best overcome them.

How Long Does Teen Counseling Last?

The duration of teen counseling varies by person. Some teenagers only spend a couple months in counseling, while others work with a therapist throughout their high school careers. In fact, many teenagers continue working with a counselor well into adulthood. There is no timeframe for therapy. New obstacles arise, and a therapist is there for guidance. This applies to any age group, not just teenagers.

A Parent’s Role in Teen Counseling

Parents can have an active role in teen counseling. The teenager will have many appointments by themselves, but parents may also be involved with some appointments. Furthermore, parents may go through individual counseling separate from their child to learn how to communicate with their teenager and resolve family issues. Parent counseling is just as personalized as teen counseling or family counseling, with adjustments to fit the parent’s specific needs.

To learn more about teen counseling or to schedule an appointment for teen counseling services, contact Heron Ridge Associates. We have several teen counselors in Michigan who can guide your teen through this time in his or her life.

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