Finding Creative Cures for Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety triggers are unique to every person. Some of them are common, like crowded spaces and high-stress environments. Other triggers are specific to a unique situation. If you are struggling to manage your anxiety, here are some creative solutions to consider.

Step 1 – Figure out Why the Trigger Is a Trigger

What about the situation, person, place, sound, etc. triggers your anxiety? For example, let’s say you get anxious going to work each day. The source of your anxiety could be the drive/ride to work, the stress you face in your workplace, a person at work, the clothes you have to wear, or any number of other factors.

Be specific when assessing your anxiety. What about the drive makes you anxious? Is it traffic? Speed? Having to drive past a certain area? The better you can pinpoint the problem, the more effective the solution will be.

Step 2 – Evaluate What You Can Change

Some aspects of your anxiety triggers will be beyond your control. If you are anxious about traffic driving to work, you cannot change how many cars are on the road. What you can change is the route you take to work or the time you leave for work. Think about each element of your anxiety triggers, and determine what control you have over them. You might have more power than you think!

Step 3 – Find an Effective Long-Term Solution

Once you know exactly what is triggering your anxiety, you can come up with a creative solution for it. You may set calendar reminders in your phone to remember important appointments, rather than worrying you’ll forget them. You could take pictures of your locked door and shut garage every day if you’re worried about leaving them open. You might take the backroads to work to avoid traffic. Every situation has a solution. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones for your anxiety triggers.

Work with a Professional to Find Your Anxiety Cures

It’s not always easy to find creative cures for anxiety triggers. This is especially true if you’ve lived with them for a while. Perhaps it’s time to get a new perspective. With anxiety counseling, you can work with a professional one-on-one to take control of your anxiety. Anxiety therapists specialize in finding coping mechanisms for anxiety. Best of all, a therapist can get you to the root of your anxiety, where you can find a truly effective solution for you.

To schedule an appointment for anxiety counseling, contact Heron Ridge Associates.

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