Am I a Problem Drinker or an Alcoholic? Alcoholism Treatment Michigan

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. Some people are able to drink frequently without any issues, while others experience a strong change of character with alcohol. If alcohol has created conflict in your life, you may wonder if you’re a problem drinker or an alcoholic. Here we will explore the differences between problem drinkers and alcoholics and explain how both groups can get alcoholism treatment.

What Is a Problem Drinker?

A problem drinker is someone who experiences a drastic change in personality as a result of drinking. This may include:

  • Missing important events, such as work, school, or prep-planned social gatherings
  • Becoming angry, violent or depressed
  • Avoiding friends and family members
  • Driving under the influence, even if someone tells you not to
  • Blacking out
  • Drinking in excess
  • Making unsafe decisions, like going home with a stranger or taking drugs
  • Spending money you had allotted for something else, such as a bill or big purchase
  • Doing illegal activities

Unlike an alcoholic, a problem drinker does not have a physical dependence on alcohol. He or she can go months without drinking or even wanting to drink. This is why some problem drinkers do not realize they have a ‘problem.’ They can stop drinking whenever they want, but that does not mean the side effects are any less severe. Problem drinking is still a reason to get alcoholism treatment.

Problem Drinker vs. Alcoholic

The only real difference between a problem drinker and an alcoholic is the fact that problem drinkers do not have a physical addiction. Problem drinking can turn into alcoholism over time though. If you think you are a problem drinker, there is help available for you. With alcoholism treatment like the services we offer at Heron Ridge Associates, you can prevent your drinking habit from turning into addiction.

Alcoholism Treatment for Problem Drinkers and Alcoholics

No matter how severe your alcoholism may be, you can benefit from alcoholism treatment. Some severe cases of alcohol addiction may require inpatient treatment to detox and clear alcohol from the body. In most cases though, alcoholism treatment can be completed through outpatient facilities.

Heron Ride Associates has several alcohol addiction treatment centers in Michigan, all with personalized and affordable therapy services.  Our goal is to help you find the cause of your alcoholism and find better ways to cope with emotions, frustrations, anxiety, depression, etc. If you are a problem drinker, you may be able to eliminate most of the issue by cutting back on your consumption. If you are an alcoholic though, the physical addiction may be too strong for you to do that. Your therapist will assess your situation to create a custom treatment plan that’s perfect for you. This is the fastest and most effective way to conquer alcohol addiction, and it will give you the tools to better your life in the future.

Call Heron Ridge Associates at (734) 454-3560 to schedule an appointment with an alcoholic addiction treatment center near you.

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