The Importance Of Accurate Psychological Testing In Michigan

It’s not always easy to see an underlying issue at first glance. Symptoms that point to anxiety disorder could come from a learning disability or post traumatic stress. The best way to identity the root cause is to complete psychological testing with a trusted counseling center. In this guide, we will explain the importance of accurate psychological testing and how you can request a mental health evaluation in Michigan.

Accurate Testing Leads To Effective Treatment

During the psychological testing process, a psychologist will evaluate your answers and behaviors to diagnose the reasons for your struggles. For instance, if your behaviors have recently become uncharacteristic, a test could determine if you have bipolar disorder or another condition. With testing, you get a diagnosis, and that diagnosis is what leads to the right treatment. This is the fastest and most effective path to recovery.

How Does Psychological Testing Work?

Psychological testing starts with a consultation. A psychologist will discuss your concerns to determine which tests are right for you or your child. The psychologist will explain which tests he or she recommends and schedule a time to complete them. Each test is a little different, and there are different options for each age group.

After the psychological test is complete, the specialist will evaluate the answers or behaviors observed during the test. Then he or she will provide a detailed diagnosis explaining the mental, neurological and emotional obstacles you or your child may be facing. If you get the psychological test completed at one of our counseling centers in Michigan, we can provide you with recommendations for follow-up treatment within our facility. We have over 50 specialists in a wide range of fields, and we work with most insurance companies.

What To Do If You’ve Been Misdiagnosed

Let’s say you’ve gone through a psychological test and follow-up treatment in the past and nothing changed. You saw no improvements in your behaviors, emotions, or personal struggles. Chances are you were misdiagnosed during the original test. Some testing centers only look at the surface-level answers of a psychological test. They form evaluations based on generic assumptions, rather than taking time to truly evaluate what is going on in a person’s life. This is why misdiagnoses are unfortunately common in America.

At Heron Ridge Associates in Michigan, we will take the time to complete a thorough psychological evaluation with an accurate diagnosis. Contact the location closest to you to set up a consultation.

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