How to Conquer Depression after Weight Gain

Depression after weight gain is quite common. You’re not happy with yourself, your body, or the circumstances surrounding the weight gain. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to stay depressed forever. The tips below will help you feel more secure in your current form.

Don’t Punish Yourself for Gaining Weight

Along with depression, you might feel anger about your weight gain. Thus you may punish yourself by denying yourself of certain joys or privileges. “I’m not going to start dating again until I lose 10 pounds.” You can make positive lifestyle changes without punishing yourself. “I’m going to date AND go to the gym three days a week.” This provides a path to improvement without belittling where you are right now.

Wear Clothes That Flatter Your Current Body

You may not know how to dress your body, or you may be refusing to dress your current body. After weight gain, you may fall into one of these mindsets:

  1. I don’t want to buy new clothes until I lose this weight.
  2. I’m going to hold onto these clothes for when I’m “skinny again.”
  3. I won’t look good in clothes until I lose weight.

These are all examples of flawed thinking that damages your self-esteem. Rather than holding out for weight loss, work with your current body. Find clothing that flatters your shape, even if it’s not the shape you once had. Simply wearing clothes that fit your figure will boost your confidence and reduce your depression. You might be surprised by how much you love your body along the way!

Stop Focusing on the Numbers

Your dress size, your pants size, your weight – these are all just numbers. You’re the only person who knows what those numbers are. Don’t panic if you have to go up a size in clothes. If doing so will make you look and feel better in the clothing, that’s what matters. Moreover, sizing varies between clothing manufacturers, so don’t get discouraged by what’s on your tag.

Don’t Weight Yourself Every Day

This is mental torture. If you obsess over what’s on the scale, you’re bound to be disappointed. Your weight can fluctuate during the day, the week, the month, etc. Thus it’s important not to weigh yourself too frequently. The better approach is to do a weekly or monthly weigh-in. That’s when you can make a good comparison.

Get Personalized Help for Your Depression

Depression doesn’t just go away on its own. There may be factors outside of your weight gain that are contributing to your depression. The best way to treat and overcome depression is through therapy. This gives you access to personalized advice from an experienced mental health professional. If you need short- or long-term medication for depression, that can be arranged as well. Your therapist will help you find the best treatment for you.

To learn more about depression treatment, contact one of our Michigan therapist offices.

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