Can a Relationship Survive After Infidelity?

There is life after infidelity. It is not always an easy journey, but you can repair a relationship after an affair. In the first part of this guide, we discussed the stages of cheating in a relationship. Now we will look at what happens after infidelity so you can choose the right path for your life.

Should We Stay Together after Infidelity?

Once the affair is uncovered, the non-cheating party will go through a range of emotions. Betrayal, hurt, anger, confusion, blame, depression – it’s a mental roller coaster. Along the way, one question will continuously resonate: “Should I stay or should I leave?”

The answer is completely personal. It will depend on the circumstances surrounding the affair and how the affair impacted each person. There will be trust issues, but you can work through those. There will be questions, but you can answer those as they arise. Life will never be the same, but that doesn’t mean the new version is a bad one. You must determine if the relationship is worth the work.

Working Together to Rebuild Your Relationship

After infidelity, we highly recommend going through couples counseling. This may sound biased coming from a therapist office, but counseling works. In couples counseling, you have an unbiased third party there to guide your discussion. Your therapist will help you identify the underlying issues that led to the cheating, and then you can find solutions for those issues.

Therapy is not a blame game. It’s not about making the person who cheated feel bad about the affair. He or she already feels regret and remorse. Couples counseling is designed to help both parties see where they have room for improvement. Improve communication, resolve conflicts, bring closure to past traumas and move forward with positive support – that is what therapy is all about.

If you want to rebuild your relationship after infidelity, our team is here to help. We will match you with the best couples therapist near you to address the specific struggles you’re facing. We have multiple therapist offices in Michigan, with specialists in divorce prevention, marriage counseling, anger management, addiction recovery, and a range of other services. Contact us at (734) 454-3560 to schedule a confidential consultation with a couples therapist.

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